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Get extra protection against fraud

You do not appear to have Rapport security software running on this machine which means it's not as secure as it could be.

We strongly recommend that you install Rapport to give your computer another layer of protection against fraud when you bank online.

  • It's free, easy to install (you don't have to restart your computer)
  • Rapport checks you are using the real HSBC website and not a fake site made by fraudsters

You may have already installed Rapport on other machines you use to log on to Business Internet Banking, however it is not installed on this machine.

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Security update

To assist in protecting you and your business from fraud, we will from time to time suggest steps you can take to help protect yourself. Below are two key issues we believe you should be aware of.


Vishing - Involves contact via the phone from a fraudster posing as an official whom your business may trust.


Recently a number of customers have been targeted by fraudsters who have called and posed as either the Police or as an HSBC Fraud Investigator. The fraudster has tried to persuade the customer to transfer funds out of their account or to provide them with logon security details.


Tips on Identifying Vishing Calls:

  • Be wary of unsolicited approaches by phone, especially if asked to provide any of your personal or business information such as username, password or bank details
  • HSBC will never call to request codes from your Security Device, ask you to generate a code or ask for your PIN number
  • If you are suspicious about a call or feel vulnerable, don't be afraid to terminate the call and call us back on a known number
  • It takes two people to terminate a call, ensure the caller has also hung up and you have a clear line, or use a different phone line where possible

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Existing users please note: To avoid deactivating your current device only select 'upgrade' if you have received a new device.

Find out more about your security device using our BIB Security Device Help Centre

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