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When your business ambitions go beyond the UK, we help make international business as easy for you as it is at home.

Your business needs:

How we can help you:

Make it easier to start trading internationally

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  • Services and support for businesses that are new to importing and exporting
  • Trade more securely and quickly
  • Trade document preparation service
  • Access to international expertise.
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    0800 78 31 3001

Reduce the risk when importing goods

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Import Documentary Credit

  • Be much more confident imports will be as specified
  • Show exporters your ability to pay for goods
  • Build in terms to suit your needs.

Reliable and cost effective payment to your suppliers

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Import Bills

  • A more secure and cost effective way to receive goods before making payment
  • Have more confidence that goods are as specified
  • More secure than dealing directly with exporter.

Minimise the risk of non-payment when exporting

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Export Documentary Credit

  • Export goods knowing payment risk has been transferred to a bank
  • You must present documents as agreed
  • Use credit to raise finance.

Payment protection when developing new export relationships

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Export Bills

  • A simple and cost effective way to reduce payment risk for exports
  • More secure than dealing directly with importer
  • Document and payment collections handled for you
  • Reduce disputes as responsibilities clearly defined and governed.

Provide security for import / export financial or non financial obligations

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  • An alternative form of security to a cash deposit
  • Choose from a wide range of different Guarantees for covering many types of risks
  • Benefit from HSBC's global expertise in Trade and Supply Chain.

Protection from foreign exchange rate fluctuations

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Foreign Exchange Risk Management

  • Reduces exposure to exchange rate volatility for importers and exporters
  • Helps protect the value of overseas assets, joint ventures and partnerships
  • Helps you compete more effectively in overseas markets.

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Get comprehensive foreign exchange advice and services in every tradeable currency

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Foreign Exchange

  • HSBC is a world leader in foreign exchange buying and selling all tradeable currencies
  • Get up-to-date market intelligence and timely execution of deals
  • From simple exchange transactions to sophisticated trades.

Make and receive payments in foreign currencies from the UK

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Foreign Currency Account – International Business Account

  • Make or receive payments and manage foreign exchange for overseas markets
  • Choose foreign currency accounts in any tradeable currency
  • We can also help you open a if this is more suitable.

Free up cash flow from your export invoices

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Export Invoice Finance

  • Get access to money you have tied up in your sales ledger
  • Minimise risk to your business by collecting payments promptly and efficiently
  • Protect yourself from bad debt and late payment.

Make urgent and non-priority international payments including SEPA Credit Transfers

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International Payments and SEPA Credit Transfers

  • International Payments: Make urgent one-off payments using priority payments
  • SEPA Credit Transfers: For batched, non-priority EU payments to over 30 countries.

Pay in international cheques more easily

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Lockbox, cheque negotiation and collection

  • Realise the value of frequent US Dollar and Euro cheque payments with Lockbox services quickly
  • Handle occasional cheque payments from trading partners in other parts of the world with cheque collection or negotiation

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