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Business BankingMaximise returns on surplus funds

Our business savings accounts help make your money work harder, so you can be more certain of the future.

Your business needs:

How we can help you:

Earn interest on business savings with instant access and no charges

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Business Money Manager

  • Our instant access business savings account
  • Ideal for creating a separate fund for future needs including expected and unexpected bills
  • Interest calculated daily.

Get a tailored savings account for funds over £5,000

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Business Money Market Account

  • For savings or surplus funds of £5,000 or more (minimum terms apply)
  • Keeep track of your investments on-line
  • Choose from Call Account (instant access), Notice Account or Fixed Account.

Set up an account for a community organisation

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Community Savings Account

  • Designed for clubs, societies and charities who want an instant access savings account
  • The greater the value of funds, the greater the rate of interest
  • Manage your account via branch, telephone, , or text.

Safeguard clients' deposits or funds in a separate or pooled account and benefit from competitive interest rates

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Clients Deposit Account

Safeguard clients' deposits (funds) in a separate or pooled account.

  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Tiered interest rates – an interest rate that grows as the balance increases
  • No charges for credits to your account or cheque withdrawals
  • Instant access to clients' funds.

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