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Business BankingPensions

Plan for a more secure future with HSBC pensions and retirement funds.

  • Pensions for employers
  • Pensions for employees
  • Pensions for individuals

Pensions for employers

  • Referral service for new schemes with more than 20 potential members
  • Existing schemes are accessible on line via our award winning Business Internet Banking service
  • Employees have access to their pension through Personal Internet Banking to monitor retirement plan progress
  • See the HSBC Funds and Prices Centre for more details.
  • Call us on:
    03457 456 127

Pensions for employees

  • Tax relief on your contributions
  • Take up to 25% of your fund as a tax-free1 cash sum at retirement
  • Your employer may contribute to your fund
  • The growth of your fund is tax-efficient1
  • Use our interactive budget planner
  • Call us on:
    03457 456 127

Pensions for individuals

  • Plan for retirement and find out what your ideal pension will look like
  • If you are approaching retirement find out how much income you'll need for your retirement.
  • If you are living in retirement, make sure your savings are providing the best possible return for your future.

More info

Our pension plans are unit linked. The price of units can go down as well as up as with most investments related to stocks and shares. This can in part be due to changes in exchange rates where overseas investments are held. While the value of units in the Protected Retirement Fund are protected from falls in the market if held to maturity, their value could be significantly reduced if encashed before the maturity. You will not be able to access any monies you pay into your pension until you take your retirement benefits. The value of the tax benefits associated with pensions depend on individual circumstances. Tax laws could change in the future.

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1 We claim tax back from the government at the basic rate of 20%. For example if you paid £80 pension contribution, £100 would actually be paid to your pension.

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